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Machine tool testing is an essential phase of activity of machine tool development to ensure accuracy, productivity, safety and reliability of machine tools. Prototype Testing of machine tools to verify, investigate / analyse and provide solutions to achieve the product quality before releasing the design for series production.

It is well known fact that components cannot be made more accurately than accuracy of the machine tool on which it is manufactured. Therefore to manufacture more accurate or precise parts, it is mandatory to improve basic machine itself.

After machining, each work piece exhibits varying degrees of deviation from the geometrically ideal form. Slightest deviation from the reference form and positional error can significantly affect a component‘s functionality. Determining form deviation is particularly important between like parts with common features.

While the design and construction of a machine tool is determined by its ability to hold the tolerances, all CNC machine tools are subject to positioning errors over time. An error originates from natural wear and tear, crashes and failing or worn out moving parts In order to deliver improved accuracy, improvement has to be done on critical elements of the machine tools like spindle, bearing housing, gear housing, guide ways etc. Important factors influencing accuracy or inaccuracy of machine tool are geometrical parameters, proper assembly, functional behaviour and dimensional control etc.
Introduction to machine tool design in detail.
Economics to manufacturing using the knowledge of machine tool design.
Conceptual clear idea about machine tool design.
In detail knowledge of Geometrical as well as Form errors.
Practical approach towards understanding of machine tol design & errors

This workshop will benefit Managers, Engineers, Supervisors and other personnel in the functions of Service, Engineering & Students from Mechanical, Automobile engineering and related fields.


Improve your design knowledge.
Better understand machine tool design & analysis.
Discuss time dependent and time independent failure modes related to tool design.
All machine tool design aspects are more addressed in the workshop.
Interact with a group of your peers and with a talented and well-respected instructor who will push your thinking beyond its normal boundaries.