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Gear Noise And Roll Tester [ InProQ ]

Future production integrates all stages of the manufacturing process, from green part and subassembly to end assembly, into one single workflow. Today's quality standards for even the smallest parts require sophisticated concepts for inspection. Not only the inspection itself but a number of constraints, from cycle time to handling, must be taken into account. Results of quality inspection and analysis may help in a lot of ways:
  • support zero-defect-strategy
  • detect wear and failure in the process
  • shorten time for start-up in new productions
  • improve quality


Gear Noise Tester, Roll Tester, Precision Single Disk Involute Tester, Double Flank Rolling Gear Tester, Mumbai, India

All modules are designed in a similar concept. The base frame is identical for all, the principal mechanics also. Electrics and SPC are mounted on plates that may be fixed on any side of the module or in the control cabinet. Thus, even the most simple module with manual loading may be extended to an entirely production integrated one. You then can add a smoothing module etc. Only very few parts are depending on the part to be tested, the overall design is quite simple and thus easy to maintain.
Modularity concept

Why pay for anything you do not need?

You like to be able to increase unctionality, variety and through-put at any time?

  • Easily expandable from simple manually loaded module up to completely integrated testing of all gearings of a gearbox.
  • Immense potential for cost saving through multiple use of single modules (e.g. share
    lasermarking module between 3 testing modules; up to 3 different parts may be
    tested on one testing module; up to 5 modules can be loaded by one Scara-robot
  • Extraordinary compact
  • Cabling with plugs allow easy expansion or relocation
Gear Noise Tester, Roll Tester, Precision Single Disk Involute Tester, Double Flank Rolling Gear Tester, Mumbai, India

Classification by noise testing is a widely established and accepted procedure for quality inspection in production. Automized noise testing of parts can detect what leads to irritating noise in the component before it is assembled. Defetcs of the part as well as missing steps in the manufacturing process can be identified within seconds.

The evaluation is capable of configuring a wide range of classes for validation. This enables you to track trends in favour of preventive maintenance. Furthermore the time between installation and start of production can be significantly reduced.
Noise testing

Your customer wants to use the gearbox or the electro-motor but does not want to hear it?

You like to detect failures in the production and avoid disassembly of components?

  • Fast (e.g. 2 cycles with 2 sec. each for gear testing)
  • Teachable
  • Significant classification although complex evaluation
  • Easy to integrate even into existing productions