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Gear Metrology

CNC Gear Testers
Gear Roll Testers

We are leaders in Gear Metrology & Industrial Metrology.

We are in the field of Gear Measuring Machines and 100% Automated Inspection and Sorting Machines for Auto Parts. We do Servicing, Rebuilding & Computer retrofitting of various makes & models of Gear Testers & many Metrology Instruments such as Roundness Testers, Contour measuring Machines etc. Based on your requirements we built the machine for 100% Automated Precision Inspection and Sorting for Auto Parts.

Gear Measuring Machines :
Rebuilt Machines & PC Retrofits for Gear Measurement
We also offer Rebuilt & PC Retrofit Gear Testers of various makes and models such Maag pH60 / SP60 / PH100, Hofler EFRS 401 / 631, ZP260, Klingelnberg PFS600 / PFSU-640 Goulder Mikron IL 600, David Brown18T, Osaka Seimitsu, FrencoSH450, etc.
Rebuilt Machines & PC Retrofits for Gear Measurement Installation and commissioning
Repairs and diagnosis of faults at sites
Acceptance tests with traceable masters
Preventive Maintenance
Service Training
Application Training
Stock and sale of spare parts
Free Telephone Support
Up gradations
Consultations on site preparation
100% High Speed Automatic Inspection, Sorting Machine for Auto parts
100% High Speed Automatic Inspection, Sorting Machine for Auto parts
Don’t ship another bad part - Prime Tech can offer Zero Reject 100% Inspection Quality

At Prime Technologies, inspection goes way beyond simple machine vision. With a broad spectrum of tools in our arsenal, we can offer a variety of inspection equipment from World leaders in this field. From robot-integrated machine vision for high speed sorting and packaging, to ultra-high resolution measurement systems to verify dimensions and inspection of surface cracks on precision machined components, Prime Technologies can offer inspection machines to complete the most demanding inspections.

Some Precision parts for which we provide Inspection, Measuring & Sorting Machines are Bearings, Fasteners, Gaskets, Disc Springs, Brake Disc, Spool, Rotor, Cam Ring, Camshaft, Crankshaft, Camring, Casing and any mass produced precision part


Training Division
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Industrial Gauges & clamping devices:
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