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Calibration & Preventive maintenance

All CNC Gear Measuring Machines need at least 2 service visits per year (one detailed service, Geometrical alignment and alibration per year and one normal service & inspection). All manual Gear Testers require at least 3 service visits (one detailed service, Geometrical alignment, Calibration. and two normal service and inspection).

Scope for calibration of CNC Gear Tester:
Inspection of Standard room for dust & temperature variation & humidity.
Inspection of Air Drier, filter & regulator.
Inspection of UPS input supply, output supply & also dedicated earthing Inspection of Controller & its connector.
Inspection of Drive units & its connector.
Opening of all covers & inspection of all critical parts for smooth function if required necessary adjustments are carried out.
Inspection of all Air bearing & cleaning & setting with flow meter if necessary.
Inspection of Drive belt for X, Y, Z & R axis & adjustment if necessary.
Inspection & Correction of geometrical alignment by using dial testing indicator.
Setting of Drive cards (servo amplifier) for all axes.
Inspection & correction of square ness of all axes with respect to rotary table by using granite master.
Inspection of Artifact / Master Gear & compare the result with its calibration report
Clarifications if any for machine operation etc. (detailed software training not part of the scope of work).
If any Electrical / Electronics / Mechanical part is required to be replaced, the same will be charged extra at actual.