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Heat Treatment is a core manufacturing process carried out under controlled application of temperature and atmosphere to optimize certain physical and mechanical properties of metals/alloys. Heat treatment is an enabling process that can improve product performance by increasing its strength or other desirable characteristics such as machinability, formability, ductility, etc. The process of heat treatment has a major bearing on the quality of the end product and finds a wide application in many industries such as Automobile & Auto Components, Dies & Mould, Machine Tools, Aerospace and General Engineering and so on.
Fundamentals of Heat treatment and its purpose.
Different Industrial process of heat-treatment
  »   Annealing,
  »  Normalising,
  »  Hardening,
  »  Quenching,
  »  Tempering,
  »  Case Carburising & hardening,
  »  Case Nitriding,
  »   Sub-zero treatment,
  »  Induction Hardening
Advanced techniques
  »  Vacuum hardening,
  »  Toughtriding
Common problems encountered with of heat-treatment processes and how to overcome the same.
Techniques of distortion control in heat treatment.
Min. Info required in the drawing to carry out successful heat-treatment.
General Quality plan of H/T for acceptance/rejection heat-treated lot, practised in Industry
Understanding of case depth determination in Carburising, Nitriding & Induction hardening particularly in case of components like gear, Shafts (Plane & spline)
Common failures in heat-treated products and its remedies.

Fresh Engineers ,Managers / Purchase Managers ,R &D Research Engineers / Managers Senior and Middle Management involved in Design, Material Management, production, Quality Assurance.

Improve your Heat Treatment Knowledge
Better understanding of all Heat Treatment processes and analysis methods.
Interact with a group of your peers and with a talented and well-respected instructor who will push your thinking beyond its normal boundaries.
Better understanding of all Heat Treatment Info required in the drawing to carry out successful heat-treatment.