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Gear Metrology

Length of Course
One day.
(Please contact for next available training program on following mail id or contact no.)
Course Description

This comprehensive one day program provides a solid introduction for those new to the gear industry as well as an excellent review for experienced technologists. The Basic Gear Metrology module focuses on the involute helicoid system that is widely used for cylindrical gears and splines. Composite and elemental measurement methods are described and contrasted. Categories, causes, and consequences

The Calibration and Metrology module explores the subject of measurement validity beginning with discussion of important but often overlooked metrology issues. New traceability and calibration concepts are outlined. An introduction to statistical estimation of measurement uncertainty is included.

The Gear Accuracy Standards module brings participants up to date with the recent changes in

A Spline Measurement Module can also be included in the program.

Training groups are kept small so that individual concerns may be fully addressed.


Identify why gears have failed - 90% of premature failures have excessive geometry errors


Identify the causes of manufacturing errors - we tell you what the results mean and how to correct them


Minimise noise from a gear set - poor specification or manufacture causes noise


Increase potential power density - accurate gears transmit morepower

5 Prove your gears were supplied to specification
6 Reduce premature failure risks
7 Benchmark your suppliers manufacturing capability
8 Minimise product through life cost
9 Increase your competitiveness
Machines related to this course:
• CNC Gear Tester and PC Retrofitted Gear Tester
• Single Flank Roll Tester
• Single Flank Roll Tester
Course Outline:
Training Course Name: Gear Metrology
# Module Topics

Introduction General Metrology and Quality

1. General Metrology video Part I

2. Introduce metrology.

3. Definition of Metrology and Measurement.

4. What is quality?

5. Measure of quality

6. What to inspect?

7. When to inspect?

8. How to inspect?

9. Scale of measurement

10. General Metrology video Part II

2 Introduction to Gears

1. Types of Gears

2. Characteristics of Each Type of Gears

3. Gear Terminology

4. Metallic Materials and Heat Treatment

5. Gear Noise

6. Questions & Answers

3 Gear Manufacturing Process

1. Manufacture of Gears by the Hobbing process

2. Manufacture of Gears by the Shaping process

3. Gear Shaving process

4. Gear Grinding Process

4 Gear Inspection And Metrology

1. Purpose of Gear Measuring Machine

2. Why measure gears?

3. Size measurement & form measurements.

4. Gear measurement methods & equipment

5. Single Flank Gear Roll Tester

6. Double Flank Gear Roll Tester

7. Measuring Parameter Details

8. Quality feature of the Gears.

9. Gear measuring Input Data

10. Gear Testing Machine Inspection Report

11. Details about gear testing machine.

12. Spline measurement.

13. Gear inspection video

5 Interpretation of Gear Graph

1. Gear inspection and report understanding.

2. Gear failure : Probable causes

3. Size variation

6 Master Gears

1. Standard for master gear.

2. Calibration of master gears

3. Information about calibration laboratories

7 Gear Testers

1. PC Retrofitted Manual / Motorized Gear testers

2. New CNC Machine.

3. Geometrical Alignments of the machine

4. Advantage of CNC gear testers

8 Quiz 8 Question and answer about all above topics.

Who should attend?

The course will be of benefit to those with some previous experience and also those who have recently become involved with gearing.

Note: Please contact for next available training program on following mail id or contact no. E- Mail Id: primetechtraining@gmail.com, primetechindia@gmail.com

Contact no. 022-28313850/28251161/28221354 Contact person: Mr. Manoj Kulkarni.