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Precision Gear (Topological) Grinding Based on Maag Machine from Donner + Pfister AG

Precision Gear (Topological) Grinding
Based on Maag Machine from Donner + Pfister AG

We are pleased and proud to inform you that Prime Technologies has partnered with Donner + Pfisteras Business partner forPortable Profile Testers.
Under the partnership Prime Technologies will market & Support D+P products in India.
Up gradation of MAAG gear grinding machines based on the 0° grinding method by incorporatingtopological control systems - with levels up to CNC.
A data-compatible substitute for MAAG-topology ES 422 is also available.
Suitable MAAG gear grinding machines are; HSS 30, SD-32X, SD-36X, HSP-80, HSS90, Others on request
If necessary, the machine can undergo a mechanical overhauling.
Reproducible topological corrections on tooth flanks,with short set-up times, highly precise, and at economical cost. Different topological corrections can be ground on the left and the right flank simultaneously.
Precision Gear Precision Gear


»  Uniformly High Accuracy
»  Same grinding wheels for all pitches
»  Simultaneous grinding of two flanks
»  Rapid changeover,Large machine capacity
»  Dry grinding process, Fully automatic grinding cycle
»  Easy programming of the topological flank modifications
»  Standardized input data according to DIN 3960. Simple process for establishing standard modifications.
     The modifications are defined by way of cβ, fHβ,and cα, fHα.
»  Graphical in 2D
»  Standard for interchange (ASCII) Interface to load topological control-and setting data.

Precision Gear Precision Gear
A proved system since 17 years with a high availability and designed for a long lifetimewith the newest components to grant availability of spare parts.