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Portable CNC Pitch testers from Donner + Pfister AG

The measuring instrument
The measuring instrument

ES4100 closed

The new portable pitch measuring instru ment ES 4100 of f ers an extremely exact method of measureme nt based on the principle of chord measure ment (co mparator method).
A high degree of operational convenience is possible by
the built in processing of the measured data and the t ilt a nd sw ivel display touch-screen.

The measuring instrument
ES4100 metal casing

The qua lity level of the gear teeth is easily deter mined by the evaluation sof tw are to ISO, DIN or AGMA standards.
The result of the measure ment is displayed immed iate ly by the apparatus itself, and stored.
For docu mentation the result can also be printed out via the w ireless printer connection.
Swiv elling monitor
Swiv elling monitor

Existin g pitch measuring instrume nt ES401 f rom the MAAG company can also be upda ted on request.
Operating principle

The portab le pitch me asuring instru ment can be used in many production locations.
The on ly prerequisite f or its use is a slow ly rotating w ork-table or an appropriate arrange ment be tw een centres, w here the work piece to be me asured can be accommodated.
The instrument is theref ore employed d irectly on the machine tool or as a supple mentary device on measuring centres.

Display of measuring results directly on the apparatus

The operator is gu ided through the setting u p and the measure ment; w here the tuition t ime is minima l, and measure ments are perf ormed auto matically.

Measure ments are stored auto mat ically in th e instru ment and can be recalled via the part nu mbers identif ications.

Wireless printer connection
Wireless printer connection

The records are printed out via w ireless printer or via Me mory stick.
The measure ments can be stored and printe d out on an external PC in the
form of an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.
Transportation box

Transportation box
For safe handling is a transportation box and hood provided
Transportation box

Options :
Wireless printer Measuring device for internal gears

Transportation bar External display
Transportation bar
Pick-up arm
Pick-up arm specifications :
Ope rating range :
Maximu m measuring depth 125 mm
Span with probes 40 mm
Minimum diameter capacity 250 mm
Dimensions :   230 x 230 x 170 mm
Weight:       5 kg
Accessories :  

Transportation case Necessary screws and tools


Workpiece Dia meter Min/ Max:

10 mm

0.4" unlimited

Min./ max. Modu le / DP:

1.0 - 40 Mod.

25.4 - 0.63 D. P.

Max. Nu mber of Teeth:



Circu mf erential speed
of w orkpiece, variable 1 - 12 mm/ sec:

04" - .472"/ sec.


Left / Right hand measurement changeover:



Radial Slide adjustment (range) :

70 mm


Probe span ( max):

250 mm


Magnification for diagrams



Selectable:                                                                         100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000

Net weight (approx.):

28 kg.

62 lbs.

Dimensions of ES4100 unit:

550 x 350 x 250

21.6" x 13.8" x 10"

Per missible measuring uncertainty: 2s range



f p:        ± 0.1 µ m / Guaranteed ± 0.2 µ m



Fp:       ± 1.0 µ m / Guaranteed ± 1.5 µ m    
Fr:        ± 0.2 µ m / Guaranteed ± 0.4 µ m    
Pow er Require ments:     110 / 220 Volts 50/60 Hz. ± 10 %
Machin e Color:   Light Grey  
The evaluation comprises of the following parameters and evaluated per:
  ISO 1328 , AGMA 2000, 2015 an d DIN 3962 .

Numerica l printout of ind ividual tooth values f or each tooth is also possible in t ext and Exel file.

The Result

Pitch deviation


Foundation of the d + p AG. d+p is a Ltd. Co. with a share capital of SFr. 100’000. Development of the prototype control system for gear grinding machines.
Occupation of the new building in Nuolen. Development and manufacture of control systems for gear grinding machines in world-wide operation
Development of electronically generation head.
Occupation of the new workshop in Wangen.
Development of pitch measuring device ES4100
Certification IS0 9001:2000
Development of conical involute grinding
Development of new TOPO CNC version
Development of new ES4100 version