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Gear measuring machines RPG for workpieces with 1600 mm diameter and larger (up to 5500 mm)

Gear measuring machines for workpieces with diameters of 1600 mm and larger should fulfill all individual demands and special requests of the operators. Therefore R&P has developped a construction kit customers can use for individually configuring their machine.
Available are :
-- several options for vertical measuring lengths
-- rotary tables with different max. load capacities
-- tailstock length variable
-- tailstock position flexible

Special customized measuring machines (all sizes) for rotational symmetric workpieces

Based on our outstanding technical solutions in machine design, controller- and evaluation software we are able to offer special machine solutions in vertical or horizontal construction for a versatile range of parts.

Bearings, gears, shafts, crank shafts, broaches, disc type workpieces all types of housings or yaws for wind power systems - tell us your requirements and specifications.

Combination - Gear and 3D - measuring machines

HYBRID - also available for measuring machines !

2 fully-equipped measuring machines combined in 1 machine-with no restrictions.

A bridge-type measuring machine for 3D-measuring tasks, and simultaneously a gear measuring machine with tailstock. And because of the bridge type design with advantages checking internal parts.

Available in different sizes.